From Monday the 11th of October, NSW will begin the first of its three-stage reopening from lockdown. As an indoor recreation centre, Transcend is permitted to reopen and our students can return to class at the studio. It is imperative however, that we follow a strict Covid Safety Plan, not only to fulfill the requirements of the Public Health Order, but even more importantly for the safety of our students, families and staff.


Transcend has completed a comprehensive Covid Safety Plan and submitted it to Health NSW, and this includes specifics about staff management, logistics and cleaning. Below is a summarised list of the rules and measures that our parents and students will need to know before returning to the studio.


  • ALL students ages 15 and under, are welcome to return, regardless of the vaccination status of their parents. [This is as per clause 2.18(3) of the Public Health Order.] We will use class attendance rolls for contact tracing and record keeping of students at the studio. 


  • ALL adults, and students ages 16 and over, MUST check in using the Service NSW QR code before entering the studio, and MUST demonstrate proof that they have been double vaccinated (or evidence of their medical exemption). Once checked in please show your 'green tick' to a staff member upon entry. 


  • Parents, staff, students 16 and over, and visitors to the studio who are not double vaccinated will not be allowed in the studio [clause 2.18 of the Public Health Order]. This is legislated strictly by the NSW government (not a decision we have made) and will be applicable until the 1st of December 2021. Parents who have not received two doses of the Covid-19 vaccination will be required to drop off and pick up without entering the studio, and either wait in their car or go home and return when their children have finished class, if they wish for their child to return to dancing before the 1st of December.


  • Everyone (including students) aged 12 and over are required by law to wear a mask at all times whilst in an indoor venue, unless eating or drinking [clause 2.17]. Our teachers will instruct students ages 12 and over that they WILL be allowed to lower their mask below their chin IF they are having difficulty breathing in class. [This is as per clause 2.17(d)(i) of the Public Health Order.]


  • Our teachers will be permitted to lower their masks, at their own discretion, if they are having difficulty breathing in class, but also for some portions of our classes, when it is essential for the teacher's mouth to be seen by the students for the sake of enunciation, communication or demonstration - and also to comfort our youngest students who might be intimidated and scared by not seeing the face of their teacher. [This is as per clause 2.17(d)(ii) of the Public Health Order.]


  • Inside we are limited to one person per 4sqm. Social distancing is still important, especially in our common areas. Please be mindful of maintaining space around you when and where possible. 


  • It is imperative that all staff, students and parents DO NOT come to the the studio if they are unwell or show even mild symptoms. 


  • If any member of a student's household tests positive for Covid-19 then Transcend management must be notified immediately and no one from that household, including the student, can come to the studio for 14 days, and after being cleared as negative. 






  • Windows in each studio room will be kept open to allow fresh airflow to circulate.


  • We are strongly (very strongly) encouraging parents NOT to wait around at the studio. The less people we have on the premises the better. Please drop off and pick up, or consider having some peaceful time waiting in your car. 


  • The studio will be thoroughly cleaned everyday prior to students arriving for classes.


  • Hand sanitiser stations are set up throughout the studio.